Лаборатория Физико-химии мембранных процессов
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Functional, integrated and hybrid membrane systems

  1. The flowing membrane catalytic reactor based on flexible ceramic support modified by metal oxide cover has been developed. The used cover for membrane reactor is produced by alcoxy technology.
    Prof. V.V.Teplyakov
  2. The hybrid biotechnology process of organic waste recovery for H2 producing has been developed. High selective active membrane systems are combined with anaerobic bioreactor in this process.
    Prof. V.V.Teplyakov, L.Gassanova
  3. The membrane bio power reactor consisting of photo synthesis block (СО2 absorption, О2 desorption), methanogenic block (methane +СО2), biogas desorption block (methane), phototrophic bioreactor (Н2+СО2 removing) with gas-carrier (Ar)) is suggested.
    Prof. V.V.Teplyakov, L.Gassanova