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Vyacheslav Zhmakin presented an oral report "Gas separation polymeric membranes for xenon recovery" (co-authors Markova S.Yu., Shalygin M.G.) and a poster presentation "The potential of vapor-phase membrane separation of organic components from biomass treatment products" (co-authors Kozlova A.A., Shalygin M.G., Netrusov A.I., Teplyakov V.V.) in the Anniversary International Conference "EuroMembrane 2022" (https://www.euromembrane2022.eu/), dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the European Membrane Society (EMS) (https://www.emsoc.eu/), whose first president for 20 years was Prof. Enrico Drioli.

Young scientists of our laboratory Svetlana Markova and Daria Miroshnichenko became laureates of the XVI International St. Petersburg Conference of Young Scientists "Modern Problems of Polymer Science", (https://young.macro.ru/, 24-27 October, 2022) and were awarded diplomas for the best oral presentations!


Scientists of our laboratory Daria Miroshnichenko, Svetlana Markova, Vyacheslav Zhmakin and Maxim Shalygin took part in the XV Anniversary All-Russian Scientific Conference "Membranes-2022" (26-30 September 2022, Tula, Russia).

Daria Miroshnichenko took the first prize for her poster presentation "Application of polymeric membranes for the removal of water vapor and methanol in the process of natural gas dehydration".


The application of the small scientific group on board with Vyacheslav Zhmakin, Svetlana Markova and Maxim Shalygin on the subject of "Gas separation polymeric membranes for xenon recovery from anesthetic exhaust gas mixtures" won a grant from Russian Scientific Foundation.


Svetlana Markova took part of the competition for The N.A. Plate award for young scientists at TIPS RAS with an oral presentation on the subject of "Selective mass transfer in poly-4-methylpentene-1."


Research associate of our lab Svetlana Markova took part of "The XI German-Russian Week of the Young Researcher" as a representative of the DFG-RSF joint project "Development of Gas (Vapor) Separation Hollow Fibers Based on Green Technology Approach and New 3D Woven Design of Membrane Modules" from the Russian side.


Vladimir Teplyakov, chief research officer of our Laboratory turned 75. Congratulations!