Лаборатория Физико-химии мембранных процессов
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Membrane modules, systems and processes

  1. Developing of the software complex "Membrane" for educational and scentific reseach tasks of membrane gas separation. The software contains database of published unogranic gases and hydrocarbones permeability "Polymer".
    Prof. V.V. Teplyakov
  2. Development of combined gas-liquid membrane systems for gas separation. Design of lab-scales membrane modules for optimization of real membrane processes (air separation and dehydration, CO2 and He extraction from natural gas and other gas mixtures, H2 containing gas mixture separation for petrochemical processes).
    Prof. V.V. Teplyakov, L.G. Gasanova, Dr.M.G. Shalygin.
  3. Active membrane gas separation systems (membrane contactors) with moving liquid carrier are developed.
    Prof. V.V. Teplyakov, L.G. Gasanova, Dr.M.G. Shalygin
  4. Active membrane gas separation systems (membrane selective valve) for three-component gas mixe separation have been developed. This systeme can be used for H2 extraction from H2containing gas mixtures (for example, microbiology origine gas mixtures).
    Prof. V.V. Teplyakov, Prof. A.I. Netrusov, L.G. Gasanova