Лаборатория Физико-химии мембранных процессов
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Theory and empiric regularity of molecular-selective membrane processes

  1. The calculation model of thermodynamic componet of memebrane gas transfer based on statistics-thermodinamic discreption of dilute solutions of nonpolar gas in polar and non polar liquids was suggested.
    Prof. V.V.Teplyakov
  2. The theory of molecular transport in subnanometric channels of inorganic membrane is developed. This theory is based on method of response function of low non-equilibrium system of interactive classic brownian particles.
    Prof. V.V.Teplyakov
  3. The database of gas separation parameters of polymeric materials (homopolymers, copolymers, polymeric mixtures, surfase modificated polymers- approximately 300 samples) has been created. The statistic analysys of permeability data for 9 gases and 277 polymeric materials has been realized by singular decomposition methods.
    Prof. V.V.Teplyakov.
  4. The programme " The prediction of gas separation properties of polymeric materials" including database of published experimental data has been created. The developed correlation mechanism for expanded prediction transfer parameters (P, D, S, EP, ED, и ΔHS) for gases and С14 hydrocarbones (in all 35 penetrantes) by the programmeare realized.
    Prof. V.V.Teplyakov